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About StarVie

StarVie is a spanish brand established in 2002 dedicated exclusively to promote and produce padel equipment.

After some years in Barcelona, StarVie moved to Madrid and built up a factory where the brand make the 100% of the rackets using only the very best materials within a handmade process, confering the rackets a high quality and durability. One of the best examples is the use of a high quality and durability laminated carbon fibers that has to be glued (in contrast with the preglued carbon paper that has higher break rate) than gives a very low rate of broken rackets.

Starvie, in addition, invests a large amount of money to be always on the leader position of quality and innovation in padel rackets.

Why don't you try it yourselv? Book a demo with us, we bring the rackets for you. It's for free!

StarVie's players and coaches (#StarVieTeam)

Some of the most important players and coaches in the world are currently using StarVie products.


#5 in the World Padel Tour Ranking

Racket: StarVie Metheora


If we have to use a word to define Horacio would be... legend. One of the most important padel players and coaches in the padel history.

Coach of the couple #1 in the World Padel Tour Ranking

Racket: StarVie Brava 8.2 Carbon


#1 in the World Padel Tour Ranking

Racket: StarVie R 9.2 DRS Aluminium Soft (Mapi)

   StarVie Carbon Brava 8.2 (Majo)


#11 in the World Padel Tour Ranking

9 years in a row #1 of the World Ranking Players

Racket: StarVie R 8.2 Carbon

... Hernán Auguste, Cecilia Reiter, Jorge Martínez, Marcelo Jardim, Teresa Navarro,..

Padel Scandinavia

Your padel specialists in Scandinavian Countries.

Official distributor of StarVie equipment for Norway, Finland and Denmark.